Tuesday, 9 September 2014

funny joke-Akpors the driver

Akpos, a driver who survived in
a tragic accident which
rendered 50 people dead at
Lagos-Ibadan Express Way was
remanded in police custody to
assist in police investigation.H
ere is the Interrogation:
POLICE: Mr Akpos, how did you
end up killing 50 people?
AKPOS: I was driving at 150km/
hr when I saw two men
crossing the road. On the other
side, a wedding was taking
place. I hit the brake but it
failed, so I had to make a
choice; either hit the two men
or run into the wedding party.
POLICE: Hit the two men of
course to reduce Casualties!
AKPOS: Exactly, we think alike
oooh! But after hitting one, the
other man escaped into the
wedding party.
POLICE: So, what did you do?
AKPOS: I went after him to
balance the equation...But
unfortunately, people lost their
lives in the process."

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