Monday, 24 August 2015

Kylie Jenner pimps out her Ferrari from Tyga

Kylie Jenner who is back from her vacation was spotted shopping with her friend at Barneys New York. She was seen with her gift from Tyga, the white Ferrarri. She has changed the colour from white to Matte Grey colour with red wheels. More photos after the cut..

LIB readers recreate photo from four years ago...

 LIB readers try to recreate a photo from four years ago. See it after the cut...

Well, them try. Lol. If you recreate yours and want to share, please feel free to send it to me...

French train gunman dumbfounded by being called a terrorist

The gunman who attacked passengers on a high-speed train in France a couple of days ago is "dumbfounded" at having been taken for an Islamist militant and says he only intended to rob people on board because he was hungry, his lawyer said on Sunday.                                    
As details emerged of the gunman's early adult life in Spain, lawyer Sophie David said her client now in detention near Paris also looked ill and malnourished.
French and Spanish sources close to the case identified him as a 26-year-old Moroccan named Ayoub el Khazzani who was known to European authorities as a suspected Islamist militant.

"(I saw) somebody who was very sick, somebody very weakened physically, as if he suffered from malnutrition, very, very thin and very haggard," David said.

"He is dumbfounded by the terrorist motives attributed to his action," she added.

David said the man was barefoot and wore only a hospital shirt and boxer shorts for the police interrogation in Arras, northern France, where the train stopped after the incident.

The Moroccan told David he had found the Kalashnikov he had taken onto the train in a park near the Gare du Midi rail station in Brussels where he was in the habit of sleeping.                             

"A few days later he decided to get on a train that some other homeless people told him would be full of wealthy people traveling from Amsterdam to Paris and he hoped to feed himself by armed robbery," David said.
The lawyer said the Moroccan had untreated wounds on his face when he spoke to her through an interpreter. He also told David he did not think he had fired any shots before his gun jammed.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve however, said on Saturday there had been "several shots" before the Moroccan was subdued by the passengers, who included three Americans.

Help in the fight against corruption- Buhari appeals to lawyers

President Buhari yesterday appealed to lawyers in Nigeria to assist in his administrations fight against corruption. President Buhari who made the appeal while speaking at the 55th Annual General Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, in Abuja, said corruption is the main reason why Nigeria is where it is at the moment.

He stressed that in putting an end to the menace of corruption, Nigeria needs lawyers that will never sacrifice the integrity of the legal system to cover the misdeeds of their clients, no matter how lucrative the brief may be.

"I am convinced that law, lawmakers, lawyers, law courts and the law enforcement agencies all have pivotal responsibilities to discharge, if the change we seek is ever to materialise. 
This administration has taken on the challenge of improving security, fighting corruption and revamping the economy, among many others.

The fight against corruption is a struggle for the restoration of law and order. Corruption and impunity become widespread when disrespect for law is allowed to thrive in society.

Disrespect for law thrives when people get away with all sorts of shady deals and the court is unable to check them. Ability to manipulate and frustrate the legal system is the crowning glory of the corrupt and, as may be expected, this has left many legal practitioners and law courts tainted in an ugly way.

In a gathering such as this, I do not need to elaborate on the way that corruption and impunity have damaged our economy. But I would like to say more on what, I believe, should be your role as legal practitioners, in helping us back to the path of rectitude.

First, we need to make our courts functional and effective again. This means that we must have lawyers who take the ethics of the profession very seriously; lawyers who will not frustrate the course of justice, even though they defend their clients with all legitimate means and resources.

Nigeria needs ethical lawyers who always keep the end of justice in mind and will never sacrifice the integrity of the legal system to cover the misdeeds of their clients, no matter how lucrative the brief may be.”he said

Photos from Chief of Army Staff's visit to Borno over the weekend

Photos from the Chief of Army Staff,  Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai's visit to some military stations in Mafa, Dikwa part of Borno state over the weekend. More photos after the cut..

Job vacancy -Fresh Graduates needed

Job-Link is one of Nigeria's fastest growing social enterprises in the human resources sector. The company focuses on connecting candidates with non-managerial jobs in top companies as well as building the skill set of its members through employability trainings, career counselling and other services. Registration can be completed at our centre on 8 Kingsway Road, Ikoyi, Lagos or online at click here to apply now

APC Governors in group photo with UN Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-Moon

APC Governors in a group photograph with UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon who arrived Nigeria yesterday and was hosted to a dinner at Transcorp Hilton by the Kaduna state government

LIB reader recounts another traffic robbery in Lagos, shares photos

A LIB reader writes in
We were on our way from Magodo around 8pm and met stand still traffic at the middle of the road that leads to Ojota before the total filling station. There were trailers as well on the road. While in the traffic we saw two boys breaking the glass of the car in front of us.

But in few seconds they were beside our car as well and didn't wait for us to wind down before they broke the glass from both sides. It's was really terrifying. They were moving from cars to cars in two two because they were up to eight in number.

Chris Brown shares adorable new photo with daughter

He captioned the photo "The Queen!". He shared another photo of her face on a pendant made for him. Photo after the cut..

Landlord’s daughter bites off tenant’s ear over N500 PHCN bill...

There was disarray during the weekend at Oba Market Benin after a  23-year-old hair dresser named Miss Faith Idehen, had her left ear bitten off by her Landlord's daughter.
According to a report by Vanguard, trouble started when the landlord's daughter demanded for N1,500, being the monthly payment for electricity bill. The hairdresser pleaded that she did not have up to that amount, but deposited N1,000 with a promise to pay the balance of N500 later in the day. 
She then left the compound and boarded a commercial bus to her place of work at Oba Market.
Unknown to her, the landlord's daughter allegedly trailed, caught up with her at the popular Yanga Fish Market and pounced on her.  
Faith was reported to have fainted as she bled profusely from her left ear before passers-by and onlookers rescued her from the grip of her attacker, who threatened to deal with her entire family as she was rushed to Central Hospital. Over a balance of #500? Na wa.
She was eventually arrested by policemen after a 24-hour siege was laid to her residence & a Police source confirmed to Vanguard that the  suspect would be charged to court for alleged assault and attempted murder.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Omotola's son CaptainE gets triple surprise at his 17th birthday (photos)

It was the 17th birthday of Omotola's son and one of the youngest music producers in Africa on the 20th of August. Captain E got a surprise birthday party despite not expecting one. His father captain Ekeinde who had also been away for over 2 weeks on his flight simulator, flew in that day to attend his surprise party. The biggest surprise of the night however, was Mastercraft and DeLB as he had always told everyone that Mastercraft is his best music producer to meet. Legendary producer DelB who has been a mentor to CaptainE then made this happen. See the photos after the cut..