Saturday, 22 August 2015

Five Funny Ways To Get Attended To Fast In Banks

Five Funny ways on how to get attended to fast/jump queue legally in a bank without any Gobe!!  – I know most GTBank Customer will love this.

In Nigeria today, most of the banks we have are very slow in their service, customers would have to wait on the queue for many minutes before they could be attended to.

Now I have devised five funny ways in which you can get answered to on time, believe me, no one would fight or argue with you when the bank cashiers are attending to you, even if you are the last person on the queue.. let’s get to it…

1. Get a Baby!! (lol, not for men though) yea, I am not telling you girls to go and get pregnant oo… just carry the baby of ur neighbour (tell the mother you are going to d bank!! don’t let them lynch you ooo!!) when you get inside the bank, fill your teller, go on the queue and pinch the good baby, when the cry of the baby rings the air.. everybody on the queue would be pleading with the cashier to attend to you, (don’t forget to buy biscuits for the cool baby oo)

2. Fall down and Faint!! ( this is where you come in..its simple, stay on the queue and just fall down and close your eyes!! and make it some 2 minutes before you open your eyes. You are a celebrity!! anytime you enter the bank, you will be answered to immediately (just pray your neighbour, abi your gf/bf no dey in the bank that day you fall oo)

3. Act Like A Crazy Terry G!! if you don’t know how to craze naturally abeg don’t use weed oo.. Just take dry pepper with you and put it in your bums.. am telling you the craze that will be emanating from you will make headlines…(Lol)

4. Blow Grammars out of proportion!! You don’t need a dictionary, just go to Patrick Obahiagbon’s social media handles, You will find your tools there.. When you enter the bank, cooly fill your tellers, nope don’t stay on the queue, just walk straight to the cashier….and blow your Grammers.

5. Become A Billionaire!! You don’t need to go to the bank to encounter the stress of withdrawal, rather you would call the branch manager to bring the said amount to your location.

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