Sunday, 23 August 2015

Last administration paid N140bn as consultancy fee for the 2nd Niger bridge -Oshiomhole alleges

Edo state governor, Adams Oshiomhole has alleged that a whooping N140bn was paid as consultancy fee for the construction of a second Niger bridge by the last administration. Oshiomhole  said this while reacting to insinuations that the Buhari led government was victimizing the Igbos because they did not vote for him. He said if at all there was any victimization, it was in the last administration.
"For those who are interested in politics of sharing, I am not interested; I am interested in the politics of baking. If the competent hands come from one family and they will deliver to the nation so be it. If a Kenyan can be elected as an American President why should we continue to discuss South South or South East.
The second Niger Bridge is what Ndigbo needs to ask Jonathan, where is that bridge? They did ground breaking, water breaking, where is the bridge? When Father Mbaka talked about the shame of Onitsha-Enugu road, people misconstrued his comments. Let me tell you, if the Igbos were marginalized, it was by President Jonathan under the PDP. Even the consultancy they did in the name of the second Niger Bridge, the expenditure they incurred which is not on ground, about 700 million dollars of that was funded from the Sovereign Wealth Fund which is money not belonging to the Federal Government but to the 774 Local Government Areas, the 36 states and of course the Federal Government. We called them to appear before us and they said they spent 700 million dollars from the Sovereign Wealth fund and I asked them where is the bridge? That 700million dollars amounted to N140billion on the second Niger Bridge and that money belongs to the three tiers of government. Okonjo Iweala was shouting on the need to have a Sovereign Wealth Fund but you can see what they used the money for. Those are the issues the Igbos should ask Jonathan to account for. Where is our bridge? Where is the dual carriage way from Onitsha to Owerri and Enugu. The roads in the South South as Obasanjo will say are embarrassment to the people of the South South. You cannot drive to Yenagoa, no road; so much noise about East West road, where is the road? You go to Akwa Ibom the Federal roads there are in bad shape. I have listened to governors from the South East, they will tell you there are no roads in the South East. So if the Igbos were marginalized, it was President Jonathan and the PDP. If Nigerians know what these people did, they will stone them to death – jungle justice. 700 million dollars gone on second Niger bridge without any bridge to show"he said

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